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There's a Better Way to Secure Your Future

We assist professionals that have a shorter than average occupational life cycle with entreprenuer development to build financial security for their families.  

Contracts & Capital is the Sports and Entertainment division of Contracts & Grants, LLC. The program connects athletes to lucrative opportunities in the federal and commercial contracting space.  

Under the umbrella of Contracts & Capital is our flagship program ACE  8 to 14 is an entrepreneur development program that enables Athletes, Celebrities, & Entertainers to build long-term wealth through entrepreneurship. 

We assist  athletes in  6 primary ways:

  • We manage the acquisition of an existing business 
  • We manage the launch of a new business to ensure the business is already "standing" when the client assumes day-to-day control  
  • We provide business development and strategic planning for athlete-run businesses 
  • We provide day-to-day operations support for new businesses  
  • We manage and administer contracts
  • We create custom training programs to provide your company or organization with the tools needed to bid, win, and perform government and large commercial contracts

Automate with Our Full Suite Business Management Services

We eliminate the learning curve by fully managing the process of building your business to best perform in both the public and private sectors. Then we find, vet, and bid on the federal proposals and commercial contracts that your company is best-suited to perform.

  • Manage the acquisition of an existing business 
  • "Stand-up" and manage the launch of a new business 
  • Business development and strategic planning for athlete-run businesses 
  • Manage day-to-day operations support for new businesses  
  • Find, administer, and manage and contracts 
  • Match businesses with commercial and government contracting opportunities



Pursuing Government and Commercial Contracts 

As part of our core offering to athletes, we provide services that enable you to make a successful transition into entrepreneurship

Pursuing  contracts usually requires you to have training to understand how to navigate the business terrain.

Our mission is to partner with major sports franchises to create turn-key small business participation programs that will enable athlete-run businesses to bid on and secure commercial contracts to deliver the products and services sports franchises are already buying.  

Athlete-run small businesses that qualify to participate in the Contracts & Capital program will also be eligible to participate in the franchise’s bid process to compete for commercial contracts.



Baller Business Network

As a member of ACE, your company is automatically included in the Baller Business Network (BBN). BBN is a matchmaking tool that teams new and emerging athlete-owned businesses with existing businesses. More, BBN matches athlete-owned businesses with sports franchises, commercial buyers, and even government contractors that currently have a need for the products and services ACE companies sell.

Reserve your spot in BBN




Turn-Key Small Business Program Management

Take the Athlete-Franchise partnership to the next level with a turn-key Small Business Participation Program for Athlete-owned businesses. 

Contracts & Capital is the Sports and Entertainment division of Contracts & Grants, LLC, created to provide an all-inclusive business development solution that enables franchises to create and manage Small Business Participation Programs without exhausting internal resources. 

We want to partner with franchises that are willing to set aside 10% of contracts for small businesses in the franchise's home state, and another 10% of contracts to be performed by small businesses owned by active or retired professional athletes.


Automate Your Program Management

We will create turn-key Small Business Participation Programs that enable athlete-run businesses to bid on, and secure, commercial contracts to supply sports franchises with the products and services they are already buying.

The Contracts & Capital team oversees the day-to-day management of the program, including:

  • Vetting athlete-owned businesses to find the best suppliers for franchises
  • Recruiting small businesses to perform contracts
  • Contract negotiations and management 
  • Overseeing the bid process 
  • Contract administration 
  • Performance reviews



We Teach Athletes How to Be Great Suppliers

ACE gives athletes the tools and strategies to leverage the valuable skills and disciplines they cultivated as professional athletes and use them to launch and run profitable, successful businesses.  

Before allowing athlete-owned businesses to participate in the franchise's bid process, we assess them using the Performance Assessment Rating System, our proprietary business rating tool. We do this to ensure businesses have the capacity and technical capabilities to perform commercial contracts.



Incentivize Players and Strengthen Fan Loyalty

Joining Contracts & Capital gives sports franchises the opportunity to further strengthen their community relationships by enabling local small businesses and athlete-owned small businesses to generate revenue that creates jobs and stimulates the local economy.  

Franchises can gain a fast advantage over other teams by having programs like this one in place to support the long-term professional development of their players, and earn the undying support of lifelong fans.  





Contracts & Capital Sports and Entertainment D/B/A Contracts and Grants, LLC is a Metro Atlanta-based consulting firm that provides program management, acquisition, proposal, and contract support for government contracts.  

Founded in 1995 by CEO Linda Chatmon, the C&G team has been responsible for more than $13.2 billion in contract negotiations and awards.  

Since launching Contracts & Grants, Linda has worked as a government contracting Subject Matter Expert. She is also the founder of C&G Federal and The App Diva, and creator of the Fast Track training program for government contracts. Linda is an author, trainer, and political appointee. 

Linda and the Contracts & Grants team provide Proposal and Contract Support to private companies, as well as Program Management to support government agencies.

Linda Chatmon, CEO Contracts & Grants, LLC

We enable professional athletes to build lifelong wealth through entrepreneurship. 

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